Brendan J. Cunningham, author:
“Potato Chips for the Soul”

(Moonshine Cove Publishing, Abbeville, South Carolina, August 2016)

Speaker, talk show host, a Shakespearean trained professional actor, past President of the Boerum Hill Association, and Brooklyn native, Brendan Cunningham has been described as the” Patron Saint of Entrepreneurs.” Brendan is best noted for has vast experience in developing people so that their full potential can be achieved. That way everyone's bottom line is improved. His personal bottom line is often times summed up when he unabashedly tells his clients, “I get paid for results, (and frankly I get paid a lot, because I produce a lot.”) His ground breaking second book, “The Seventh Sense: the Key to Effectiveness in Life and Business,” has already created quite a stir in the selfhelp field and is based on the success formula he discovered and continues to use while working with clients who continue to benefit from his business coaching.

He is an authority on “Selling for Non-Selling Personnel” and a recognized expert in the Real Estate industry with over $1Billion in life time brokerage and sales, and his First Book “Tricks of the Trade: a Real Estate Broker's Inside Advice into Buying and Selling a Home,”M (Adams, Media Corporation, Avon Ma. 2004) is a must read for any savvy real estate investor. Brendan is also a regular contributor with holding Expert Author status, and a Senior Contributor/writer/reviewer for Trip Advisor

With over 1500 speaking engagements to his credit, throughout the US and Canada, this former Fortune 500 Business Consultant, logs just about more frequent flyer miles than anyone. He currently makes his home in the “Queen City” of Buffalo, New York.

He holds a B.A. in Psychology/Sociology from S.U.N.Y at Stony Brook and a M.S. Certificate from Daemen College in Leadership and Organizational Change. He is also a licensed Real Estate Broker in New York. And although he continues to obsess over it, he still manages to play a pretty lousy round of golf.

Reviews and Blurbs for
“Potato Chips for the Soul"


“Brendan Cunningham's signature wit and multi-barbed sarcasm lead his readers through a tickling gauntlet of the unexpected to discover a deliciously twisted new frontier.”

Kurt Schneiderman, Artistic Director, Subversive Theatre


"Cunningham mixes mirth and message to create a powerful concoction of personal wisdom for everyday living."

Michael Olear, M.S.W.


“The ability to create, remember, share, and learn from stories is what separates humankind from other life forms. In the aptly titled 102 Notes to Self, businessman, actor, and bon vivant Brendan J. Cunningham offers the reader a Potato Chips for the Soul: virtual snack bag of stories, anecdotes, and memories that offer life-lessons and inspire introspection, reflection, and out-loud laughter. From the humorous to the serious, Cunningham examines such things as technology, gun control, love, manners, travel, politics, and modern culture. His insights are spot-on, and he himself defies the convenient categorization all too common in our sound-bite world. A helping of this, a dash of that, and a sprinkle of whatever, Cunningham is a thinker with a sense of humor, a sense of self, a sense of honor, and a lust for life. But most of all he is a storyteller occupying a metaphorical barstool or an armchair at the head of a dinner table. When he begins to speak, you know you're in for an interesting ride. And his notes to self are like potato chips, each unique in shape but all tasty. I dare you to stop at just one.”

Gary Earl Ross, Playwright and Professor Emeritus University at Buffalo EOC, author of Blackbird Rising, The Mark of Cain, and the forthcoming Nickel City Blues.


"POTATO CHIPS FOR THE SOUL is a wise and witty take on the day to day confusion we all experience. This is a must read.”

Saul Elkin, PhD Artistic Director, Shakespeare in Delaware Park


"Potato Chips for the Soul is an easy-to-read journey through more than 100 everyday experiences to which we all can relate. It's a handy, light-hearted reference guide to such life lessons as keeping the boss happy; the risky business of tattoos; navigating through the precarious world of discussing religion and politics among friends; and, of course, the importance of history.”

ROBERT LOWELL GOLLER, East Aurora, Town Historian, East Aurora, NY


"Cunningham's Potato Chips for the Soul is an enjoyable read that is filled with wisdom and laughter for today's lessons in life. This is must read. You will not be disappointed"

Sharon L. Ciminelli, President 2016 Buffalo Niagara Association of Realtors.


"Potato Chips for the Soul is Inspiring, Educational, Addictive and Enjoyable from the first to the last chip. Boost of fresh energy, full-colored rainbow of emotions from tears to laughter, filled with universal wisdom is Cunningham's gift for balanced life to every reader."

Nonna Gerikh, Certified Feng Shui Consultant


“It's difficult to take vernacular musings and give them imagination. Brendan did it though. The points are familiar but the stories add a surprising element and deepen the exploration of something you think you already have pegged. What unfolds is an attention-holding stroll through friendly surroundings. Though, I found myself challenged several times. I like that combination.”

Erick Eustice, Marketing Captain of the Seas